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Our house cleaning staff are not just people we picked off the street. Firstly, they are people whom we have done thorough background checks on.

Apart from that, they have also been very well trained by Top Cleaning Services Redbridge as we realize that they are the face and mirror of our company and its service.

We check the background and history of our cleaners, follow up on previous work experience references and make sure they have valid working rights in the country. We also do criminal checks, and interview them at our offices.

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Once we have found everything to be in order, the staff member undergoes stringent training and testing. Only when we are satisfied that the individual will be able to work on his or her own and deliver the quality of work we expect, is the person allowed to enter and work in the house of one of our clients.

We aim to please, so if a contract is in place and a client prefers a specific cleaner, we will schedule the cleaner’s work program in such a way that this can be achieved. Even when there is no contract in place, we will still try to give a client the staff member he/she prefers if possible.

If it is not doable at all though, you can be sure that you will receive someone that we feel would still be a good match for you and your home.

If you have any further questions or would like to find out more about our cleaning prices, please gives us a call on 020 3912 1181.

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