Terms and Conditions

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A comprehensive copy of our terms can be requested from our office, but below is a summary of the most important points. Clients will however sign the complete terms and conditions before work commences.

Clients have to allow cleaners access to hot water and power for all jobs. Cleaning materials will be provided by Top Cleaning Services Redbridge.

Top Cleaning Services Redbridge require a booking fee of 50% of the total job charge. As soon as the job has been completed, the rest of the fee becomes payable immediately.
Clients may request a postponement of service 48 hours in advance, but if this is not done on time, we reserve the right to retain the deposit and/or request the full service amount.

In the case of old or permanent stains to carpets, we will point out such stains before work commences and will not be held responsible if they can not be removed.

  • Domestic cleaning contracts:
    A contract constitutes the use of a cleaner for 3 hours or more per week. Contracts work out more cheaply than once off use of cleaners, but both are available to our customers. A contract may be ended after one month of service provided the commission to the cleaning company has already been paid. If this is not the case, one month’s notice will be required from the customer. The cleaning company will receive commission for as long as one of its cleaners is working for a client.
  • One off cleaning:
    When a one off cleaning job has been completed, the customer has to report any unhappiness with the service to the company within 24 hours. In the rare case of this happening, a cleaner will be sent to the customer again to complete the job to satisfaction.

If you require any further information about our terms or cleaning prices, please call us on 020 3912 1181.

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